The power of practice

Our fabulous second in English is planning a scheme of work to reinforce and develop technical accuracy. She asked me if I knew of any videos which could help demonstrate the importance of repetitive practice on performance. I asked Twitter:

And here’s what came back!

First, the hardy perennial Austin’s Butterfly, in which Ron Berger demonstrates the impact of redrafting:

Next, via @chrisedwardsuk, Jonny Wilkinson practises stress kicks in rugby for Gillette #spon #ad:

I’m not sure many (any!) current students would remember the transcendental power of David Beckham’s 2001 free kick against Greece, but this video (suggested by @LearningFocus) brought it all back to me – a vital goal forged on the practice pitch:

Although, watching it back, it’s worrying how many he missed…

This one was completely new to me, so thanks to @MrPigottMathsĀ for flagging it! Sam Priestley attempted to go from beginner to expert in a year in table tennis through constant, daily deliberate practice:

His (#spoiler) success has spawned the Expert in a Year website with additional challenges. A great resource!

Daniel Coyle’sĀ The Talent Code website is a similarly richĀ resource for the power of practice. @ImSporticus flagged this musical example of a clarinettist after 200, 1000 and 3000 hours of practice, and I’m still stunned by this single-handed gridiron catch from Odell Beckham Jr for the New York Giants:

But of course itĀ was the result of hours of practice of exactly that type of catch:

The connection is highlighted by Daniel Coyle hereĀ – I’m sure there’s a lesson in connecting the two Beckhams across the Atlantic!

Next up is the lovely GiveIt100 site suggested by @HooperClara and @coatgal inviting people to share a short video every day as they practice something for 100 days. There are many powerful examples; here’s oneĀ on the guitar:

Finally, @Ms_JenkinzĀ shared this unbelievably cute timelapse of a toddler learning to walk:

I melted at this point.

Any other video examples of practice makes perfect? Share them in the comments please! And try to use the correct practice/practise…it’s taken me ages to check mine!

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