#SLTchat 3-word great teacher summaries

#SLTchat 3-word great teacher summaries

The final question on #SLTchat on 12.5.13 was to ask for three word summaries of the qualities of the best teachers. Here’s what #SLTchat had to say..

  1. @SLTchat sorry I used more than 3 words! So….. Creativity, passion, dynamic #sltchat
  2. “@billydownie: #sltchat Passionate – Effective – Relentless” I was just about to click send. BILLY beat me to it.
  3. “Last minute – three words. What qualities do your best teachers have? #SLTchat < Love to learn
  4. @SLTchat creativity, excellent communicator to both adults & children, having a work/life balance #sltchat
  5. @SLTchat three words. What qualities do your best teachers have? #SLTchat = passion; energy; humour.
  6. Attitude, Skills, Knowledge – in that order #SLTchat
  7. @SLTchat #sltchat personality, commitment and the desire to grow/develop/evolve

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3 thoughts on “#SLTchat 3-word great teacher summaries

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